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New Board of Directors in TNK-BP

Nobody from the previous board remained

The new board of directors of the Anglo-Russian oil company was elected yesterday. None of the previous directors was included in this new board.

Besides, as it is said in the official statement, for the first time, the company has appointed an independent board member, David Rodolphe Lasfargue, director of the Moscow office of law firm Gide Loyrette Nouel Vostok.

Apart from Lasfargue, the board is split evenly between representatives of the company's two owners.

The Alfa-Access-Renova consortium, owned by a group of Russian tycoons, will be represented on the board by Access Industries Vice President Anatoly Akimenko, Alfa Finance Holdings SA Executive Director Pavel Nazarian, CTF Consultancy Ltd. Strategic Planning Director Alexei Savchenko, and Renova Management AG Legal Director Igor Cheremikin, TNK-BP Holding said.

BP PLC (BP) is to be represented by BP Exploration Services Ltd. Finance Director Paul Lindsey Kitson, its Vice President Richard Scott Sloan, Vice President for Russia and Kazakhstan Peter Anthony Charow, and lawyer Grant Darren Warnsby.

Author: Ksenia Kochneva