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EUR 71.1299


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AI-92 42.26


AI-95 46.03


AI-98 51.77


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LUKoil Warns Customers of Copycats

LUKoil Press Service called the attention of all those concerned to the activities of certain companies disseminating offers for the sale of crude oil and petroleum products

These companies call themselves “OAO “ЛУКОИЛ” and “ЛУСОИЛ” in Russian, and also “LUCOIL” and “OAO LUC OIL” in English.

These companies use confusingly identical names which may mislead their potential partners.

Additionally, none of the above-mentioned companies has a registration anywhere in the Russian Federation. The companies show false addresses on their letterheads, such as, “11/6 Sretensky Boulevard, Moscow,” which does not exist.

In order to protect its legitimate interests and business reputation, OAO LUKoil is planning to appeal to the Department for Economic Security of the Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior.

Author: Ksenia Kochneva