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Gazprom Want to Buy Stake in Sever Energia

Gazprom disclosed it will take a 51% stake in SeverEnergia

SeverEnergia is a joint venture of two companies — ENI and Enel. Russian company is planning to bid for SeverEnergia assets, by the end of April.
Earlier Gazprom had purchased a 20% stake in oil company Gazprom Neft from Italy's ENI for $4.2 billion dollars.

The deal was signed Tuesday at the Russian-Italian economic forum in Moscow. The announcement comes after ENI, and Italian partner Enel, bought a range of former Sibneft assets for $4.5 billion in April 2007. At that time ENI gave Gazprom the right to buy the stake for $3.7 billion plus transaction costs at any time during the following 2 years.


Source : Russia Today