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To ensure the profitability of Astrakhan gas complex Gazprom wants to reduce reliance on foreign equipment suppliers

Gasprom is steering the ’steady’ long-term development of the Astrakhan gas complex.


Gasprom is steering the ’steady’ long-term development of the Astrakhan gas complex, Alexander Ananenkov. deputy chairman of Gazprom said during a visit to the site. The complex, he noted, has gas reserves estimated at 2.4 trillion cubic meters and operations encompassing entire process chain of hydrocarbons recovery and processing, turnout of the whole range of production.


Ananenkov addressed issues of gas and gas condensate production in the Astrakhan complex, as well as maintenance and development of the field’s well stock. A priority, he said, is being given to the introduction of advanced technical and technological solutions during wells construction, operation and repair in order to raise their reliability and productivity. He also wants to reduce costs and to make the timeframe of construction and repair activities shorter.

Use of Russian-made equipment is an key part of this strategy, including arranging production of well equipment and hydrogen sulfide-resistant flowlines and tubing, that can adequately compete with foreign counterparts. Ananenkov also underlined the need for a comprehensive approach to retrofitting and developing the entire Astrakhan gas complex including production and processing facilities. The Astrakhan gas complex provide 74% of Russia’s sulfur production, Gazprom is also targetting new sulfur utilization technologies, for instance, in road building. It is also looking into ways of constructing sulfur storages, both aboveground and underground.

Source : The Engineer