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Gazprom to Resume Talks With Poland on Sunday

Polish and Russian negotiators will meet again on Sunday in Moscow for talks aimed at securing full gas supplies for Poland

Warsaw is running out of time to conclude a contract on increased gas supplies from Russia's Gazprom. Its current short-term deal expires on Oct. 20, while the main Yamal deal falls short of at least 1.5 bcm annually to meet the needs.

"The next round of gas negotiations will be held in Moscow on Sunday," the ministry's press office said.

Polish officials hope this would be the last technical round of negotiations before the final signing of the deal, which could run until 2022.

Last October Warsaw and Moscow, as well as Gazprom and Poland's gas monopoly PGNiG clinched a deal prolonging the Yamal contract to 2037 and increasing supplies by some 2.5 bcm annually to 10 bcm.

But the European Union blocked the deal saying it violated the 27-nation bloc's energy policy forcing Warsaw into last-minute renegotiations.

Poland imports from Russia about two-thirds of the 14 billion cubic metres of natural gas it uses annually.

Source : Reuters