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Gazprom makes no concessions on gas price to Europe

Russia's energy giant Gazprom has not made any concessions on the price of natural gas to European consumers, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Friday

Gazprom makes no concessions on gas price to Europe

"They [European consumers] are really raising these questions [on price reduction], at least during the crisis when the demand for gas declined but Gazprom made concessions on no issues," Putin said after a meeting with his counterparts from the Commonwealth of Independent States in St. Petersburg.

In early 2010, a number of Gazprom's European partners, including Germany's E.On Ruhrgas and France's GDF Suez, asked the Russian giant, which supplies more than a quarter of Europe's natural gas needs, to reduce the gas price mentioned in the long-term contracts.

The European companies cited changes on the gas market after the global financial crisis, such as the decline in gas demand.

Source : RIA Novosti