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Preparation for Flood Flow is Underway at TATNEFT

Enterprises of TATNEFT Company are ready for working during a difficult spring flood period.

Preparation for Flood Flow is Underway at TATNEFT Preparation for Flood Flow is Underway at TATNEFT

Enterprises of TATNEFT Company are ready for working during a difficult spring flood period. Acting commissions have been established at the industrial enterprises of TATNEFT for the purpose of arranging systematic monitoring of preparations for the flood. The state of preparedness of the Company's structural units to work in the difficult spring conditions is supervised by the central commission.

The Company has developed and is implementing measures providing for stable operation of the primary and auxiliary production facilities to ensure smooth operation of the divisions and subsidiaries of OAO TATNEFT during the spring flood.

For quick response to possible abnormal situations emergency response units are being organized at the enterprises with the necessary amount of resources to perform rescue and recovery operations. An unscheduled staff briefing has been arranged, and the procedure for notification of officers and personnel of emergency response units in case of emergency situations has been established.

Daily monitoring of oil recovery facilities has been organized and visual inspection of rivers and water bodies with transfer of the information to the dispatcher's supervision boards of the production shops in the areas of oil and gas production divisions' activities is being performed. The information about the work progress at the crude oil production facilities, the water level of the rivers and reservoirs is transmitted daily to the Central Engineering and Technological Service of OAO TATNEFT.

Annually in the spring complicated conditions the Company pays special attention to the facilities located in the difficult to access remote areas far from paved roads, maintenance of which may be complicated because of possible flooding.

Special control is exercised with regard to the active and decommissioned pipelines and their dead-end location sites.

Clearing of snow and melt water diversion from the substations has been organized. Storm drains under local roads and under temporal access ways are being prepared as well as stationary crude oil traps are cleaned to remove ice.

Special control measures are taken to meet the requirements of environmental protection, land use, industrial and fire safety. During the period of intensive snow melting the laboratory control of the main rivers' condition will be strengthened. The laboratory of RPM Administration has worked out a timetable for checking the status of water bodies in the territory of the OAO TATNEFT's activities during the flood period.

Work is underway to ensure safe passage of flood water through the Karabash reservoir hydrosystem.


Source : Neftegaz.RU