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Casing Integrity and Cement Analysis Suite Delivers Clarity and Efficiency for Well Integrity Management.

Casing Integrity and Cement Analysis Suite Delivers Clarity and Efficiency for Well Integrity Management.


Weatherford International plc announced today the commercial release of its SecureView® wireline cased-hole evaluation suite at the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference ("OTC").  As managing well integrity has become more critical across the industry, the ability to identify and mitigate risks is integral for all operators.  The SecureView® suite provides single-trip, high-resolution diagnostics in cased-hole wells and offers operators faster and conclusive data to address potential well threats that may lead to production loss and liabilities.


SecureView® combines four of the latest generation and field-proven diagnostic technologies to inspect, identify and determine root causes of well integrity issues.  The suite, which includes UltraView™, an ultrasonic measurement tool; FluxView®, a magnetic flux leakage tool; CalView®, a high resolution multisensory-caliper tool; and BondView™, a cement-bond tool, provides comprehensive and complementary data without information gaps.


"We are serious about helping operators with the assurance and management of well integrity.  Our technologies are developed and tested to the highest caliber with that in mind.  The ability to combine multiple measurements in one run to allow our clients to receive reliable, complementary and comprehensive data is a game changer.  It provides a cost-effective and efficient decision making process," said Brice Bouffard, Vice President of Wireline and Testing at Weatherford.


In an unconventional well in South Texas, an operator noticed that the casing collar had moved upward a few feet post-fracturing. The SecureView® suite was deployed and enabled the operator to identify and interpret cement conditions throughout the reservoir interval, identify a casing split, confirm its location and detail the extent of the problem, thus allowing the customer to properly remediate the zone before production started, resulting in significant savings and reducing operating time for the client.


Upon identification of the root causes of well integrity threats with the SecureView® suite,  operators can also easily rectify any issues with an extensive Weatherford remediation portfolio for casing repair and isolation services to restore integrity and productivity in any damaged well at any stage of the well life cycle.


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