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UEC presented gas turbines to replace Ukrainian ones

UEC demonstrated new marine gas turbine engines.

The United Engine Corporation (UEC) demonstrated new marine gas turbine engines, which mass production will start in 2018 at assembling and testing facility of NPO Saturn (Rybinsk, Russia). The engines were designed to substitute Ukrainian products banned for export to Russia.


The project was successfully implemented thanks to several factors, Pavel Chuprin, Head designer of the M90FR engine told Mil.Today.

«We had a technology advance in development of marine gas turbine engines. We have preserved best traditions in design and commonality of applied parts», said the expert.


To reduce manufacturing cycle, the engine designers used up-to-date engineering and production technologies like 3D-modelling and additive build-up.

«Owing to additive technologies, we’ve escaped from the need to produce accessories for parts fabrication», explained the designer.


Speaking of civil marine novelties, UEC presented the model of the 10,870-shp gas turbine electric generator SGTG-8 based on the E70/8RD engine.


Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council banned supplies of military and dual-use products to Russia in 2014.

At IMDS-2013, spokesmen of NPO Saturn assured that the company would acquire the production facilities for marine gas turbine engines in 2017.

Source : Neftegaz.RU