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Plexus wins Rosneft Vietnam deal

Plexus Holdings won a contract with new customer Rosneft’s Vietnam subsidiary.

Plexus wins Rosneft Vietnam deal Plexus wins Rosneft Vietnam deal

Plexus Holdings has been awarded a contract with new customer Rosneft’s Vietnam subsidiary to supply its POS-GRIP high pressure high temperature (HPHT) adjustable rental exploration wellhead equipment for an exploration well offshore Vietnam, Plexus reported on September 21, 2107.


This contract represents a new country in a new territory for Plexus and is in line with the company’s ongoing strategy to continue to expand globally from its dominant position in the North Sea.


Plexus’ CEO, Ben Van Bilderbeek, said: «It is always encouraging to secure a 1st contract with a new customer, particularly one of the caliber and strategic importance as Rosneft Vietnam, a subsidiary of one of the largest oil and gas majors in the world.»


«In the past, we have found that once the superior features of our equipment in terms of performance, reliability and safety, along with the significant time and cost savings it offers are experienced 1st-hand out in the field, new customers become long-standing ones as further contracts are awarded.  We are therefore hopeful that this will be the case with Rosneft Vietnam and that, thanks to Rosneft’s important standing in Russia and the CIS, this inaugural contract bodes well for us and our Russian licensing partner Gusar in terms of raising the profile of our technology in that region», said Bilderbeek.


«Russia and the CIS is just one of a number of territories we are targeting as we look to expand outside of our traditional heartland in the North Sea. We see the Middle East, India, Gulf of Mexico, and Asia as strategically important regions for Plexus and it is therefore pleasing to have won this contract in Vietnam, which extends our footprint in Asia», he added.


Source : Neftegaz.RU