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Gazprom improving efficiency through innovations

The Gazprom Management Committee approved the 2017 Progress Report.

Gazprom improving efficiency through innovations Gazprom improving efficiency through innovations

Moscow, 23 March - Neftegaz.RU. The Gazprom Management Committee approved the 2017 Progress Report on the company’s Innovative Development Program until 2025.


It was noted that Gazprom made consistent and targeted efforts to improve the efficiency of its innovations. The Innovative Development Program until 2025 serves as an effective instrument for setting the priority objectives and lines of work in this area.


The сompany pays great attention to R&D (research and development) and pre-investment studies. In 2017 alone, that amount reached RUB 8.2 billion. Last year, over 325 innovative developments were adopted at the Gazprom Group’s facilities, with the total effect from their utilization expected to exceed RUB 310 billion.


Gazprom takes measures to streamline the corporate system for intellectual property management by, among other things, developing the Patent Strategy of Gazprom until 2025. The strategy will allow the company to optimize the legal protection of its technical and technological solutions. Over the course of 2017, the company obtained over 200 patents and applied for more than 250 new ones.


In 2017, Gazprom drew up and started implementing the Program for research and development by the organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the interests of Gazprom.


2017 saw the approval of 4 new R&D programs undertaken by educational institutions. Moreover, the сompany is deeply involved in the development and updating of educational programs in line with the long-term strategic interests of Gazprom. In 2017, the efforts in that area covered 72 such programs.


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Source : Neftegaz.RU