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LUKOIL and Gazprom Gas-Engine fuel sign cooperation agreement

LUKOIL and Gazprom Engine Fuel signed an agreement on mutually beneficial cooperation.


Moscow, November 14 - Neftegaz.RU. LUKOIL and Gazprom Engine Fuel have signed an agreement on mutually beneficial cooperation and the development of business partnership on the use of natural gas as motor fuel.


As part of the agreement, LUKOIL will look into the expediency of designing a step-by-step plan to set requirements for haulage companies servicing LUKOIL in Perm Territory and Volgograd Region that the companies should be obliged to have gas-motor vehicles (both new and converted) in their fleets.


 In its turn, Gazprom Engine Fuel will provide assistance to ensure the refueling of LUKOIL's gas-motor vehicles with natural gas, including from the company's own resources. Gazprom Engine Fuel will also look into the possibility of constructing or placing facilities of the gas-filling infrastructure where there is demand, or potential demand, for natural gas motor fuel.


 The agreement complies with Russia's national strategy on the development of the domestic market of natural gas motor fuel. 


Source : Neftegaz.RU