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EUR 88.9578


BRENT 43.26


AI-92 43.32


AI-95 47.44


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A new TATNEFT’s filling station has been opened in the best-in-class format in Almetyevsk

A new TATNEFT’s filling station has been opened in the best-in-class format in Almetyevsk

Almetyevsk, June 29 - Neftegaz.RU. Another TATNEFT’s filling station in best-in-class format was opened in Republic of Tatarstan, after the reconstruction. This is the 4th TATNEFT filling station operating in a new format. 

The productivity of the liquid motor fuel dispensing site is 500 filling operations per day. High-quality TANECO AI-92, 95 and 100 gasoline grades, as well as diesel fuel brands of the same TANECO production are sold at the 10-sleeve GILBARCO fuel dispensers (TRK). 

Electric gas owners can also use this filling station: the facility is equipped with a multi-standard fast charging station that allows 30 to 80 % charging of the batteries within 15 minutes. The complex also includes a robotic-aided washing robotic-aided facility.

In addition to the convenient possibility of post-payment without any operator intervention, motorists can drive up to the dispenser, regardless of the fuel tank location: the motorist can refuel the car from any side. In addition, a parking zone location of the of the filling station has been significantly increased, while there are also opportunities for the service and maintenance of people with limited mobility within the framework of the "Accessible Environment" program.

The floorspace area is 90 sq.m. In addition to high-quality fuel, the customers also get the access to an improved related service: desserts and coffee, national pastries, products for the trip. Each table is equipped with a wireless station for recharging mobile phones and USB ports.

The building structure of the filling station itself works according to the “Smart Home” technology, which allows to remotely control and manage lighting, ventilation, air conditioning and heat supply systems, which makes the filling station as economical as possible. 

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Source : Neftegaz.RU