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Oil rig protest ends peacefully

Two Greenpeace activists have ended their 30-hour protest ...

Two Greenpeace activists have ended their 30-hour protest on an oil installation in the North Sea.
The pair, who face unlimited fines and jail sentences after they refused to comply with a court order requiring them to leave the rig immediately.

A Greenpeace spokesman said the activists were pleased they have been able to stop the Santa Fe 135 rig from drilling for over 24 hours.

Six demonstrators strapped themselves to the rig 75 miles out into the North Sea on Friday.
It was the second demonstration by the group since US President George W. Bush pulled out of the Kyoto accord to tackle climate change

The campaigners boarded the drilling vessel in the Blake field in the North Sea on Friday despite warnings from the crew they were not permitted to come on board.

The Santa Fe, which is due to move to another location to begin pipe-laying operations, could not safely proceed to its new task because of the protesters.

Reading-based BG International, which has a licence for exploration in the Blake field, successfully moved for an interim interdict at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

Lord Johnston ordered that the activists should remove themselves from the rig and that Greenpeace should disclose any information they had as to the identity of those taking part in the occupation.

The protesters were inside a three-metre bell-shaped survival capsule which they hoisted up to the underside of the platform.