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Police use water cannon, gas in new Quebec clash

Police lobbed tear gas and doused bottle-throwing protesters...

Police lobbed tear gas and doused bottle-throwing protesters with water cannon outside the perimeter of the violence-hit Summit of the Americas on Saturday, forcing demonstrators back from a fence breached in clashes the previous day.

Angry protesters, some of them from anarchist groups, had been hurling paint, rocks and bottles over the 10-foot fence, which seals off the convention center where leaders of 34 Americas countries are discussing trade and democracy and the hotels where they are staying.

``You bastards -- is this democracy?'' shouted one man as the water cannons started.

The protesters argue that the leaders' goal of free trade across the Americas will hurt the poor and damage the environment.

Police used volleys of tear gas to force protesters back on Friday after the anarchists tore down a section of the fence less than half a mile from the convention center where the leaders are meeting.

The fighting continued well into the night and the acrid smell of the tear gas was still lingering on Saturday.