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Ward escapes gas station blast

Red Wings defenseman Aaron Ward didn't get enough action...

Red Wings defenseman Aaron Ward didn't get enough action to suit him during the playoffs this season, but he got more than his share Tuesday.
Ward, on his way to a workout with teammates, was pumping gasoline at the Amoco station at 14 Mile and Farmington when an uncontrolled car slammed into his BMW, causing an explosion. He was uninjured, but his car was destroyed.
Ward was pumping gasoline at about 9:15 a.m. when the car of an unidentified 78-year-old woman jumped a curb and knocked over a gasoline tank, said Lt. Carl Fuhs of the West Bloomfield Township police. The woman's car struck Ward's car, which knocked over a second pump.
"I'm very fortunate," Ward said. "It makes you reflect on how good you really have it."
The woman who hit Ward's car was taken to William Beaumont Hospital with injuries that aren't life-threatening, Fuchs said.
Ward said he was standing near the back passenger side of his car when he saw the uncontrolled car make contact with his car and the gasoline tank. The uncontrolled car turned completely around, flipped on its roof, and the air bag inflated.