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Tell me, why shouldn't gas companies earn a profit»

I thought my homeland of British Columbia had buried its socialist ideals...

I thought my homeland of British Columbia had buried its socialist ideals.

Yet every day I read about the belly-aching and whining over the big, evil gas companies.

This spewing shows that a socialist ideal is alive and well, and that there is a lack of knowledge of basic economics.

First of all, I didn't realize gas was immune to the concept of supply and demand. Nor was I taught that gas companies are charitable organizations and should never attempt to maximize their profits.

If grandma raised the price of her cookies five cents before Christmas because people were willing to pay more, we most certainly would not call her an evil individual.

She is allowed to exploit the laws of supply and demand. Apparently, gas companies are not.

They are simply on this Earth to provide for the community as a whole.

Further, anyone who thinks gas stations are making any kind of significant margin on gas itself should have been a member of the NDP finance committee.

Their business model is clear -- slight margin on gas in order to encourage the purchase of high-margin convenience products.

The majority of the industry's profits are in the exploration and development of the resource, and are consistent with the high risk of this endeavour.

The layman's lack of knowledge on this topic would be acceptable if he was not so vocal.

Shane Garbutt