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BOC Expert to Discuss Online Supply Strategies at Oil, Gas and Chemicals Conference

Customers looking for a supplier to provide e-procurement and supply...

Customers looking for a supplier to provide e-procurement and supply chain channel management services should focus on both business and technology processes as "best practices" for achieving total cost savings, a BOC e-business expert says.

"The processes, such as e-procurement, workflow approvals and automated systems integration are critical success factors in reengineering the supply chain," says Kathy West. BOC's key accounts project manager for e-business solutions.

"Transaction processing and data exchange become the focus for key stakeholders in achieving increased efficiencies in the requisition to order fulfillment and billing process. The more information that can be Internet-enabled, the more enhanced the buyer, supplier and intermediary trading partner relationships become," West says.

West, who has over 25 years of logistics and information management experience, will participate as a panelist and as a presenter in two discussions at the second annual e-ProCom for Oil, Gas & Chem e-Commerce Conference & Exhibition, to be held in Houston June 12 and 13.

West will join 100 other panelists from more than 70 companies throughout the oil, gas, chemical and energy industries to examine how the collaboration, integration and execution of e-business is occurring throughout their industries.

She will discuss how to implement a multi-tiered, supply-chain channel management strategy for collaborative "order-to-cash" services, and the benefits and challenges companies face when establishing their e-business strategy through an online exchange.

"As our customers set ever-more-challenging objectives and requirements for e-business solutions, BOC as a strategic supplier continues to add to its technological capabilities for enabling the implementation of process improvements. BOC's presentation at the conference allows us to share our e-business experiences with other members of these key industries," West said.

BOC, widely recognized as a leader in e-Business, is trying to make life a little easier for its customers. Its menu of offerings includes the ability to design and support sophisticated information sharing across the supply chain e-commerce spectrum. BOC, also representing the Open Buying on the Internet Consortium, is a member of e-ProCom for Oil, Gas & Energy e-Business 2001 advisory board.

The BOC Group (NYSE:BOX), which serves two million customers in more than 50 countries is one of the largest and most global of the world's leading gases companies. It employs nearly 43,000 people and had annual sales of nearly $5.8 billion in 2000