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Police seek attacker in armed robbery attempt

Police are looking for a man armed with an air pistol who tried to rob...

Police are looking for a man armed with an air pistol who tried to rob a man of Dh240,000 in broad daylight but was foiled by a passerby. Dubai police yesterday denied reports that a shot had been fired in the attempted robbery.

Brig. Ismaeel Al Gargawi, Director of the Ports and Airports Security and acting Assistant Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs, said a thorough investigation was underway. He said the attempted robbery had been linked to a series of attacks and robberies in another emirate. "We are still collecting information about those incidents and also investigating in other directions," he said.

He said that the attack happened when the assistant of a local businessman left the bank after withdrawing the Dh240,000. The man, who has not been named, was walking to his car when his attacker hit him on the back of the head with an air pistol. Al Gargawi said a pedestrian saw the attack and shouted at the robber who immediately ran away without the bag.

He jumped on a motorcycle driven by an accomplice, the eyewitness and the victim told police. The attacked man sustained bruises to his head. He was treated at Rashid Hospital and then discharged.