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Fire in depots in Kazakhstan liquidated

Fire in depots of the military unit N. 89533 dislocated near Balkhash city, Karaganda region of Kazakhstan, is almost liquidated, official from Emergency Department of Balkhash city informed .

The last explosion was fixed in depots on Saturday, August 11, however later the fire was localized by the military units. As for today, Balhash-Sayak power line, which was damaged by the fire and railway traffic hit by unexploded mines and bombs are restored.
The Defense Minister of Kazakhstan Sata Tokpakbayev announced that ammunition for tens of thousands of tones was destroyed during the fire. He also stressed that most of the ammunition were lodged even by the Soviet Army during the war in Afghanistan, and partly transported from Armenia after the Spitak earthquake in 1988. Besides, all the ammunition was meant to further utilization. Criminal proceeding was instituted to investigate the "fire incident".