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US Coast Guard vs Russian tanker

The Russian-owned oil tanker being held in a Newfoundland harbour is the subject of a growing international dispute.

The Virgo has been detained in Long Harbour, Nfld., since last Tuesday because authorities suspect it may have rammed a fishing boat off Massachusetts, killing three Americans
The RCMP and the United States Coast Guard have been combing the ship for evidence.
Now the owners of the vessel say both groups have exceeded the rights of a search warrant.
The company is going to court to challenge the validity of the warrant.
They're upset that the crew was held under armed guard when the ship was initially detained.
"It's unsettling that any of this is happening. It's a violation of their rights," explains Carey Dearnley, spokesperson for Primorsk Shipping.
The Russian Embassy in Ottawa has also filed a protest with the federal government.