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EUR 90.4629


BRENT 48.28


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US officials have given evidence proving that it was the Russian tanker "Virgo" that sank a US fishing vessel "Starbound".

US Coast Guard says an examination of the both vessels' routes has shown a collision was inevitable. They also claim the Virgo was going too fast and the crew ignored the onboard radar. The Virgo's three crewmen - captain Mikhail Gerasimenko, second mate Vladimir Ivanov and watchman Dmitry Bogdanov were detained in Canada under US issued warrants. Later they were released on bail. The three are facing charges on criminal negligence and unpremeditated manslaughter. However, Russia has expressed doubts whether the detainment was lawful. The Russian captain's lawyer Robert Simmonds said "evidence is absent and the allegations lack precision of arguments". Besides, since the detained Virgo is a Cyprus-registered vessel, the investigation should take place in Cyprus. The chief prosecutor of Cyprus is expected to make a special statement soon.