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Tehran court releases two detained dissidents on bail

Two detained opposition liberals have been released after posting bail...

Two detained opposition liberals have been released after posting bail with the Tehran Revolutionary Court, the
court said Tuesday.
"As a follow-up to the Sunday's statement, Mohammad Omrani and
Hassan Rafi'ie were released on bail," the court said, without
mentioning the amount of the bail.
The public relations department of Tehran's revolutionary court
said Sunday a number of the jailed opposition members may soon be
released from prison.
The release comes after family members of jailed nationalist
opposition members on Sunday called on President Mohammad Khatami to
ensure the release of their relatives, amid signs some could soon be
The relatives, mostly wives of jailed members of the banned
Freedom Movement of Iran or its supporters, approached a visibly
surprised Khatami as he was leaving parliament following a speech to
defend his new cabinet line-up. He had promised to follow up on their
About 60 dissidents, some linked to the so-called liberal-
religious-nationalist alliance and the rest affiliated to the banned
Freedom Movement of Iran (FMI), have been put in "temporary" solitary
confinement without the benefit of a trial since the court's crackdown
on demonstrators advocating for greater freedom of speech on March
Last month the relatives sent an urgent petition to the Supreme
Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to intervene to obtain their release
from detention.
Both present and former parliamentary deputies have criticized
the Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi's move to
rounding up the dissidents in March, citing lack of a "legal basis."