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Gunman kills Indian immigrant at gas station

A gunman pulled into a gas station parking lot and killed ...

MESA (Arizona)
A gunman pulled into a gas station parking lot and killed the owner, an Indian immigrant, then went to a second station and fired repeatedly through a window without hitting a clerk inside, police said.

The man then went to a house, where he fired several shots.

No one was injured at the last two locations, said Sgt Mike Goulet, a Mesa police spokesman. No arrests had been made as of late Saturday.

Goulet said authorities had not determined the motive for the shootings. He said reports from the station did not indicate the gunman had said anything.

The victim, identified by family members as Balbir Singh Sodhi, was an Indian immigrant. The clerk at the second gas station is of Lebanese descent, his employers said.

Singh Sodhi was in the parking lot of his gas station when the gunman drove up in a black pickup truck Saturday, opened fired and left, said Goulet.

About 20 minutes after the first shooting, the gunman pulled into another gas station and fired several shots at the clerk inside, said Detective Tim Gaffney.

Several bullet holes were visible in the window of the second store. Police didn?t say what kind of gun was used.

Some of Singh Sodhi?s relatives said they believed the killing was racially motivated, especially since the gunman didn?t rob the store.

``We don?t deserve this kind of treatment,?? said Singh Sodhi?s younger brother, Lakhwinder Singh Sodhi.

Added cousin Harjit Singh Sodhi: ``He wouldn?t have any enemies.??

The owners of the second gas station said the first rounds fired by the gunman hit a tobacco rack inside the store. The clerk then dropped to the ground.

The owners, brothers Ali Saad and Saad Saad, would not identify the clerk. The Saads said they believe the shooting was racially motivated