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Kursk lifting from Barents Sea bed to begin in middle of week

The actual lifting of the nuclear submarine Kursk from the seabed will begin...

The actual lifting of the nuclear submarine Kursk from the seabed will begin on Wednesday or Thursday, official representative of Mammoet company Larissa van Seumeren told a briefing in Murmansk.

She said the positioning of the Giant-4 barge above the sunken Kursk is nearing completion, and cables are being prepared for attachment to the technological holes. After that, deep-sea divers will descend to work with the directing rings. The rings are necessary to properly direct the cables.

Van Seumeren said that if the divers' work is successful, the first grip will be lowered and installed in so-called point 5-2, and afterwards all 26 grips will be attached to the submarine hull, and the operation to lift the sub from the seabed will begin.

Western participants in the operation hope that the lifting of the Kursk will be completed by the end of the week.

In his turn, Smit company representative Lars Walder quoted the captain of the Giant-4 as saying that the weather in the salvage area will remain favorable until the end of the week, which gives rise to optimism.

He admitted that at the preparatory stage, there had been small problems with cutting holes and removing the bow section. However, everything fortunately ended well, he said.