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International oil and gas exhibition opens in Turkmenistan

The two-day international oil and gas exhibition began here Tuesday with the participation...

The two-day international oil and gas exhibition began here Tuesday with the participation of 120 companies
from 20 countries. The inaugural ceremony was attended by a number of
envoys and representatives from foreign countries as well as some
Turkmen officials.
European, Asian as well as American oil and gas companies which
are participating in the ongoing exhibition have displayed their
potentials in 120 pavilions.
The opening ceremony featured video films, cassette tapes,
brochures, posters, photographs as well as some information about the
services provided by participants.
Five Iranian companies attending the current exhibition have
displayed their achievements and products together with promotional
The Iranian companies include the National Oil Refinery and
Distribution Co. (NORDC), Rash Omran Kish Co., Arak Machine Producing
Co., Nirou Battery Producing Co. and Teknotar.
The National Oil Refinery and Distribution Co. and Rash Omran Kish
Co. based in Turkmenistan also took part in a similar exhibition in
Ashkhabad in 1990.
The NORDC comprising of four companies installed the 195-km gas
pipeline between Kord Kouy in Iran to Karicheh in Turkmenistan in
1997. Besides taking active part in setting up the gasoline producing
unit at Turkmenbashi Refinery has also processed and delivered a
gas-pipeline dehydrating system to Turkmenistan.
Rash Omran Kish Co., displaying its expertise and achievements on
the construction of buildings, roads and dams is currently working on
four office buildings in Turkmenistan, due to be completed within a
month at a cost of U.S. dlrs 370,000.
Also Teknotar has been exporting a number of its gasoline stations
to Turkmenistan within the recent two years.
Turkmenistan's deputy prime minister for oil and gas affairs,
Qorban Moradov said that Askhabad has adopted the 'open-door' policy
and has declared its readiness for fruitful mutual cooperation with
other countries.
An international conference on gas and oil is also due to be
opened in Ashkhabad on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, a similar conference and an international gas and oil
exhibition was held in February 1999.