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Tokyo police detains man throwing petrol bomb near U.S. Embassy

Police officers detained late Thursday a man who threw what appeared to be a petrol bomb...

Police officers detained a man in his 50s who threw what appeared to be a petrol bomb on the street outside the U.S. Embassy late Thursday, the police said.

Red flames burst from the spot and pieces of glass scattered in the area, police officials said.

Police officers on guard outside the U.S. Embassy compound seized the man, who was handing out leaflets as he hurled the object, the police said.

A witness said police officers seized the man ''less than a minute'' after the petrol bomb exploded and flames went up.

The incident occurred at around 11:40 p.m., police officials said.

A taxi driver who saw the incident said the flames made buildings nearby the embassy look crimson ''like sunset.''

Police officials said the man's identity was not immediately known.