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Carnation attempt

A 16-year old schoolgirl from Daugavpils (Latvia) Alina Lebedeva...

A 16-year old schoolgirl from Daugavpils (Latvia) Alina Lebedeva is released from the isolator. On November, 8 she tried to whip the British prince Charles on the face with flowers. The deputy chief of security Police Didzis Shmitinsh reported that the lawyer and the parents of the girl are already notified about the incident.
On Thursday there was a meeting with prince Charles at the monument of Freedom in Riga where hundreds of people gathered. Lebedeva, the supporter of the Left-wing radical organizations, tried to strike the prince on the face with a bouquet of red carnations. The guards of the seim and the president of Latvia detained the girl and took her to the police.