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Happy Birthday KhMAO!

December 10 is the birthday of Khanty Mansiysk Autonomous Region

The region always was a reliable support of Russia.Its history - the bright annals of heroic creative work, dynamical transformations for the sake of the worthy future. The glory about affairs of northerners for a long time has stepped over borders of the Russian Federation. Today Jugra is one of the most stable regions rendering huge influence on economy of our country. The richest industrial potential of our region which have concentrated unique natural resources, with confidence allows to look in the future. Well-being and prosperity of district is, first of all, sanguineous life of people, happiness of children, respect and care of veterans, rest and a prosperity in each family. People, whose work and talent creates everything, that makes Jugra pride. I wish everyone who lives and works in Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous region today, to everybody who has spent the best years, to everyone to whom the future Jugra belongs- new deeds, realization of kind hopes, the world and happiness!
Yours faithfully, Governor of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Region A.V.Filipenko