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Bush congratulates

The president of the USA George Bush has congratulated Russia, Kazakhstan and Oman, and also American companies "Chevron texako" and "ExxonMobil" with the opening of Caspian pipeline consortium (CPC).

The special speech of Bush was distributed in White house in Washington due to the official opening of the Caspian pipeline system. According to the American president, creation of the Caspian pipeline consortium confirms to all world, that USA, Russia and Kazakhstan " cooperate among themselves for prosperity and stability " in this region. Having declared, that CPC creation is the important step for a way to " transparent and stable " investment to a climate in this part of the world, Bush has emphasized, that the project of a consortium stimulates administration to provide the new national power strategy " to USA and construction of a network of the Caspian oil pipelines on such routes as Baku - Tbilisi-Dzheykhan, Baku - Supsa, Baku - Novorossisk, and also a gas main of Baku - Tbilisi-Erzurum.