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The Security Agreement to be signed in Belarus

Secretaries of CST Security Councils will meet this week in Minsk

The press office of the Secretariat of the Security Councils of Collective Security Treaty (SCT) member-states informed that the regular meeting of the Secretaries of CST Security Councils will be held December 6-7, in Minsk.
The Secretaries will discuss further development of interaction among the member-states of the Treaty in fight against terrorism in light of recent events in Afghanistan, speeding up cooperation in combat with illegal drug trafficking, formation of mechanisms of information exchange, improvement of legal basis of the Treaty.
Measures for fulfillment of initiatives and decisions of the previous sessions - coordination of humanitarian assistance to Afghan government and population, interaction among the member states of Collective Security Treaty in the UN and other international organizations for fight with terrorism - will be touched upon during the session.
The Belarus President Lukashenko will meet the heads of delegations.