USD 75.8599


EUR 90.4629


BRENT 48.28


AI-92 43.3


AI-95 47.6


AI-98 52.96


Diesel 48.55



Only LPG Cars

Mitsubishi will make Magna only LPG.

Mitsubishi announced about its wish to make Magna only LPG car. Production will start early next year.

It has already made $25mln deal with Origin Energy for supplying 700 LPG cars.
Such policy is to lead to extra sales on top of company?s petrol-powered range.

Ford already has a gas-only range of Falcon sedans and station wagons.

Ford charges about $800 more for its gas-only Falcon compared to a petrol car. A dual-fuel car sells for about $2000 more than a petrol-only car.

Origin has placed its first order for 30 vehicles and expects to order 140 more for early next year.

Origin will buy a range of vehicles including the Magna, Verada and Lancer sedans and wagons, Express vans and Triton utilities.
Now Origin?s fleet of LPG cars is 17% and it tends to raise this level.