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Baby Jaguar Will Be Stopped

Production of 'Baby Jag' to be scaled down

Jaguar is to stop production of its 'Baby Jag' for a week as a "prudent measure" to ensure stock remains in line with demand.

The Halewood plant on Merseyside will also be put on to a four-day week, with no production on a number of Fridays.

The Ford-owned company says the Baby Jag, or X-Type, continues to sell "very well".

But a spokesman says: "We are taking prudent measures to ensure that our stock remains in line with demand.

"The global market remains competitive, but there are still uncertainties in major markets including the US."

The spokesman adds: "We are looking ahead and doing our best to avoid overstocking."

The Halewood factory, which employs 2,500 workers, will not build any cars in the week beginning October 28.

Jaguar says its two factories in the West Midlands normally close for a week in October.

Workers at Halewood, which used to produce Escorts for Ford, will be paid despite the production shutdown.

Around 1,650 X-Types per week are usually built at Halewood.