USD 63.8272


EUR 70.6695


BRENT 64.3


AI-92 42.39


AI-95 46.11


AI-98 51.9


Diesel 46.15



Toyota New Model

Toyota needs 180,000 sales by 2003...

Toyota needs 180,000 sales by 2003 to become a leader on the market. The treatment as the company thinks is in its new model Camry.

Toyota needs to locate R&D center in Australia that allows the full potential of the new Camry to be unleashed.

The car has a significantly different chassis compared with the US and Japanese models so that the future of the model and a possible four-wheel-drive derivative can be produced with little re-engineering.

Thank?s to $2500 cost reduction the new Camry will have a significant effect on the company's earnings.

To complete the project will cost the company $1bln.