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News From The East

Auto news.

Nissan Motor Co launched its redesigned Cube compact car and set its monthly sales target for 7,000 units.
The new Cube, available in a 1400-cc engine model, will be sold for a price ranging from 1,198,000 yen to 1,622,000 yen.

Nissan Diesel Motor Co will supply its 50 large-sized four-wheel-drive vehicles a year designed primarily for snow removal to Hino Motors Ltd for sale under Hino's brand name.

Toyota Motor Corp President Fujio Cho will continue sending auto parts to a plant in California by air for the time being to cope with continuing work stoppages at ports along the U.S. West Coast.
But due to the high cost of the air shipments, Toyota would increase production costs by more than 100,000 yen per vehicle.