USD 75.8599


EUR 90.4629


BRENT 48.28


AI-92 43.31


AI-95 47.6


AI-98 52.98


Diesel 48.56



Incredible Discounts In GM

General Motors raised its competitiveness...

General Motors raised its competitiveness by combining zero percent financing with no down payment and no payments for 90 days on all 2002 and most 2003 models.

GM's discounts appear mostly to gain advantage of Japanese competitors, who are short of inventory because the problems on the West Coast.

After deep recession of 20% in sales in September, GM returned to aggressive policy on Oct. 1. So now the company thinks it?s important for them ?to build traffic in their showrooms and keep their momentum going."

Ford and Chrysler have matched GM's incentives, but showed no immediate response.