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Strike at Daimler's Canadian Plant

Daimler Chrysler could avoid 11,000 workers strike...

Daimler Chrysler could avoid 11,000 workers strike in Canada which could halted production at the company?s five plants in the country.

Tentative agreement has been reached between CAW and Daimler Chrysler on a new three-year contract and satisfaction of all the union's requirements.

The union required saving of all 1,275 jobs that the union feared could have been lost next year at the Pillette plant in Windsor, Ontario as the company scheduled to shut it down in 2003. DaimlerChrysler agreed to come up with new jobs for all the workers at the Pilette facility and to produce a "new vehicle" in Windsor by the final quarter in 2005.

The agreement requires ratification by the almost 13,000 union members working at DaimlerChrysler.