USD 64.429


EUR 71.2391


BRENT 64.86


AI-92 42.37


AI-95 46.12


AI-98 51.87


Diesel 46.15



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Imports make their way in China...

China's imports of automotive products surged 84 per cent last year to US$14.45 billion in 2003, setting a historical high.

Among the imports of automotive products, complete vehicles reached 125,129 units and the value of these imports jumped 63 per cent to US$5.25 billion. The value of imports of key components soared 131.9 per cent to US$3 billion, while the value of imports of other parts and accessories rose 85.7 per cent to US$6.2 billion.

The surge in imports of parts and components is linked with fast growing automobile production in China. A large portion of the production growth is purely based on assembling imported parts and components.