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China Develops First 'Seasick Free' Ship

New Century 1, the first "seasick free" vessel...

New Century 1, the first "seasick free" vessel developed by China, was delivered to its owner to provide accommodation for the offshore oilfield staff in China's Bohai Sea, according to the latest edition of China Ocean News.

The vessel, measuring 39.78 meters in length and 15 meters in width, was jointly developed by the Huangpu Shipyard in Guangzhou city of south China's Guangdong Province, and the Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute.

With 439.64 displacement tons, the seasickness-preventing vessel comprises both an above-water and a below-water part, with the latter being the key to nausea prevention, according to the report.

Two torpedo-like submerged bodies make up the underwater part, and experts said such structure/design reduced the area of the interface between the vessel and the water, making it much more easier on the equilibrium.

The report said the ship's stability on the water is much better than that of a 4,000 DWT frigate, making it much more comfortable, or nausea free, for people to travel by the vessel in a moderate gale.

The vessel is one of the four advanced types of ships developed by only a few countries, including the United States, Japan and Britain.

Its unparalleled seaworthiness makes the vessel applicable in various situations, such as underwater experiments, offshore patrol and salvage, hydrological surveys, and passenger transportation.