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China Imposes Anti-duping tariff

Move effects imports from US, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan...

China has imposed an anti-dumping tariff of up to 144 pct on imports of the chemical component phenol from the US, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, the Xinhua news agency reported.

The Ministry of Commerce said in a verdict that months of investigation had convinced it that dumping did occur, causing "substantial damage" to China's own producers, Xinhua said.

The verdict required phenol importers to pay tax ranging from 3 pct to 144 pct, depending on the extent of the dumping seen to have taken place, Xinhua said.

The ministry originally started looking into the dumping charges in August 2002, but a final verdict was delayed because of the complexity of the case, according to previous reports.

Phenol is a chemical component used in a range of products, including drugs, dyes and insecticides.