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Floating Nuclear Plant Construction Begins

Project hailed as a 'breakthrough' for nuclear power engineering....

Russia's Rosenergoatom Concern has started work on a project to build a floating nuclear power plant in China, according to head of Rosenergoatom's international affairs department Anatoliy Kirichenko.

Kirichenko said the project "is ready, protected and licensed by the Gosnadzor (state oversight agency)". The infrastructure for the project has been chosen, in particular planners and companies which will produce equipment.

China will be the first country where a floating nuclear plant will be built. "Agreements have been reached with relevant Chinese structures - the government, financial organizations and a shipyard where the floating power plant will be assembled," Kirichenko said.

The total capacity of two power units will reach 80 megawatt. The project is "a breakthrough" for Russian and world nuclear power engineering, Kirichenko said. "This concerns not only technologies but also investments and cooperation between the two countries," the Rosenergoatom representative said.