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Chinese Man Jailed for Posting Messages

Chinese police have arrested a man for posting subversive messages....

Chinese police have arrested a man for posting subversive messages on the Internet, a police spokesman stated.

The spokesman, from the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau, said that since 2001, 39-year-old Du Daobin had written and posted 28 articles on the Internet, inciting the subversion of China's state power and overthrow of China's socialist system.

Du, who worked with the medical insurance office of Yingcheng City before he was captured in November last year, accepted funds from overseas organizations and individuals.

In return Du helped them post articles harmful to state security on domestic Websites, according to the spokesman.

The spokesman also said that facts had shown that Du had overstepped his legal rights of criticizing government work and government functionaries and viciously incited subversion of state power through fabrication.

The suspect has already confessed to the major facts of his crime, and a judicial inquiry into the case is underway, said the spokesman.