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Get That Pipline Built!

According to Chinese reports...

According to Chinese reports, China and Kazakhstan are taking measures to accelerate construction of the oil pipeline Atasu-Alashankou-Dushanzi.

Construction of the first extension Atyrtau-Kenkiyak 449 kilometers long was practically completed in 2002. Construction of the second extension Atasu-Alashankou about 1,300 kilometers long will be started in June 2004. The already existing 500-kilometer pipeline Kenkiyak-Atasu has a low throughput capacity and will be upgraded, according to sources.

The pipeline is being built in cooperation by the Chinese corporation CNPC and Kazakh oil company KazMunayGaz. The volumes of investments are not disclosed. It is only known that construction of the second part of the pipeline will cost $850 million.