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China Continues Push for Russian Pipeline

Chinese authorities are convinced of project's success...

The Chinese Ambassador to Russia, Liu Guchang, has stated that Chinese authorities are convinced that an agreement on the construction of an oil pipeline from Russia to China will be fulfilled. According to Guchang, "the Russia-China oil pipeline is a very important joint project. Our country needs large quantities of oil and Russia needs a large market and such stable market as China."

Liu Guchang stresses that "construction of an oil pipeline is the most expedient and economic way to supply oil from Russia to China." The Chinese diplomat added that leaders of the two countries frequently exchanged opinions about this issue and reached mutual agreement on development of cooperation in the energy sector, especially on construction of the oil pipeline to China. "Our leaders have no disputes as to whether they need to build the Russia-China oil pipeline," added the diplomat.

He also emphasizes that there are important agreements in accordance with which it is necessary to broaden oil supplies from Russia by railway prior to construction of the oil pipeline.