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CNPC Top Manager Resigned

The State Council approved the resignation of CNPC top manager Ma Fucai over the deadly gas blowout

China: the State Council approved Wednesday the resignation of China National Petroleum Corp. top manager Ma Fucai over the deadly gas blowout which happened on Dec. 23 last year.
"This shows the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council are extremely responsible for people's life and property safety," said Premier Wen Jiabao at a State Council executive meeting Wednesday.
The Dec. 23 gas blowout in southwest China's Chongqing municipality, the country's deadliest recent industrial disaster, killed 243 people by toxic fumes when a negligent drilling crew broke open a CNPC gas well and dismantled safety equipment that might have stopped the blowout.
Vice General-Manager Ren Chuanjun of CNPC was punished by the State Council and Chen Geng was appointed as new CNPC general manager.
The State Council also asked relevant departments to severely punish those responsible for the blowout as well as for a Lantern Festival stampede in Beijing's suburban Miyun County on Feb. 5, killing 37, and a shopping mall fire in northeast China's Jilin Province that killed 51 people on Feb. 15.