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Hevel manufactory switches to 100% renewable energy

Hevel manufactory switches to 100% renewable energy

Moscow, July 7 - Neftegaz.RU. Hevel, the leading Russian company in the solar industry, announced today that its manufactory in Novocheboksarsk purchases 100% of its electricity consumption from renewable sources from July 2020 as part of the program for sustainable business development implementation.

The facility’s annual energy consumption is 65 million kWh. In accordance with a free bilateral agreement concluded with the energy service company, 100% of this volume will be acquired in the wholesale electricity and capacity market. There are more than 1200 MW of solar generating capacities in Russia now.

«Switch to 100% renewable energy is a logic step for the manufactory. We are able to cover our electricity demand by renewable energy due to the growing volumes of solar generation in Russia. The transition also guarantees our foreign partners the compliance of production processes with environmental standards, including those for exported products», – noted the Alexander Dubrovskiy, the director of the factory.

The plant’s switch to renewable energy gets Hevel Group closer to be a climate-neutral company that in turn will lead to a decrease in the carbon footprint in a production unit.  

Transition to renewable electricity is voluntary in Russia and is possible through the free bilateral agreements mechanism. The 1st agreements were concluded by FMCG companies in 2019.

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