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Finland to unbundle grid from 2020

Finland to unbundle grid from 2020

Helsinki, May 24 - Neftegaz.RU.
According to NGW, the state-owned company will then have to separate its supply and trade from its transport business.

Finland’s law on the gas market has set the date of January 1, 2020, for unbundling gas transmission system operations (TSO) from Gasum into a separate company. The new company will be named Gasgrid Finland.

Finland was one of a few countries allowed to delay the European Union-mandated unbundling process as the market was small and investments needed to be earned back. All its gas comes from Russia.

Gasum has focused on stimulating new demand for gas at home and abroad, mainly in the heavy road and marine transport sector. On May 20 it opened its first filling station supplying LNG and biogas in Sweden and already has a growing transport customer business at home, where it has 4 such stations.

It said it is planning to operate over 50 stations in the Nordic countries. The new network of stations is a necessity in the transition to cleaner fuels for heavy-duty vehicles, it said.