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Egypt-Jordan gas pipeline implementation starts

Works to install a 278-kilometer-long gas pipeline ...

Works to install a 278-kilometer-long gas pipeline from the Egyptian border town of Al-Arish to the Jordanian port city of Aqaba have started, Petroleum Minister Sameh Fahmi said on Friday.

The pipeline will be extended for 18 kilometer under water of the Gulf of Aqaba, 850-meter down to reach the Jordanian mainland, said the minister.

Exporting natural gas to Jordan is part of an agreement signed between the two countries in June within the framework of a mammoth project to transport Egyptian gas to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, said Fahmi.

The project will possibly be expanded to include Turkey and Europe in the future, said the minister.

Egyptian-Jordanian trade exchange up by 30% in six months Trade exchange between Egypt and Jordan in the half of this year increased by 30 per cent, accounting for $ 36.8 million compared to $ 28.3 million during the same period of last year.

The hike was attributed by Nasser Khalil, plenipotentiary trade minister at the Egyptian embassy in the Jordanian capital, to a leap in Egyptian exports to Jordan because of government directives to Egyptian trade representation offices overseas to promote Egyptian products, and to qualitative shift as of late.

Egyptian exports to Jordan in the last six months were estimated at $ 26.9 million, compared to $ 17.9 in the same period last year.

Meanwhile, Jordanian exports to Egypt in the first two quarters of the year accounted for some $ 10m, showing a trade balance in favour of Egypt by around $ 17m.

The trade balance between the two countries was also in favour of Egypt by around 9 per cent, with a total trade exchange of $ 66.3m, including $ 43m in Egyptian exports, and $ 23m in imports from Jordan.