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AES plans LNG terminal in Bahamas, pipeline to Fla.

Proposing a project strikingly similar to Enron's Calypso Pipeline plan...

Proposing a project strikingly similar to Enron's Calypso Pipeline plan, AES Tuesday began an open season for a 41-mile pipeline that would transport gas from the offshore boundary between the Bahamas and the US to south Florida. The Ocean Express Pipeline would come onshore at Port Everglades in Broward County and expects to interconnect with Florida Gas Transmission, said AES, an Arlington, Va.-based power plant developer. About 35 miles of the 24-inch-diameter pipeline would be underwater offshore and 6 miles would be onshore. The line would connect with a nonjurisdictional pipeline to be owned by a Bahamian affiliate of AES, which would extend to Ocean Cay in Bimini, the Bahamas. An AES Bahamian affiliate intends to build an LNG receiving, storage and regasification facility at Ocean Cay, AES said.
AES anticipates filing for FERC certification in early 2002 and an in-service date by mid-2004. Calypso filed at FERC in July for authorization to build a $132-mil pipeline along the same route, to move regasified LNG from a terminal that Enron intends to build in the Bahamas. Calypso asked for a certificate by May 2002 and projected an in-service date of Oct 1, 2004.