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Mazeikiu Nafta Begins Shipping Jet Fuel Through Klaipeda Terminal — Exports to the United States

Almost two years after signing an export agreement, Mazeikiu Nafta has loaded ...

MAZEIKIAI - Almost two years after signing an export agreement, Mazeikiu Nafta has loaded its first shipment of jet fuel at the Klaipedos Nafta export terminal. Mazeikiu Nafta exported its first trial tanker shipment of jet fuel at the Klaipeda terminal on 30 September, 2001.
According to Mazeikiu Nafta general director, Jim Scheel "Now that Klaipedos Nafta is able to receive Mazeikiu Nafta's jet fuel products, we look forward to improving the competitiveness of our jet fuel production in Western markets. Shipments through Klaipeda reduce our freight costs and give Mazeikiu Nafta the opportunity to load larger vessels than those that we had to use exporting through Latvia," said Scheel.
During the first nine months of this year, Mazeikiu Nafta shipped a total of 1.47 million tons of products through Klaipedos Nafta's export terminal. In 2000, the company shipped 486,000 tons of diesel and fuel oil.
In September of this year alone, Mazeikiu Nafta shipped 93,000 tons of fuel oil, 85,000 tons of diesel fuel, almost 41,000 tons of gasoline and its first 7,000 tons of jet fuel through Klaipedos Nafta. For the first time, Mazeikiu Nafta shipped 30,000 tons of gasoline to the United States, with the remainder going to markets in Western Europe.
According to its preliminary export schedule, Mazeikiu Nafta plans to increase exports of refined products through Klaipeda to 107,000 tons of diesel fuel, 70,000 tons of gasoline, 50,000 of fuel oil and 45,0000 tons of jet fuel in October.